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*Sonstige Dieselaggregat für Magnetanlage

Type: Motors, filters, cooling and exhaust systems
Com. Nr.: DIV1205
Price: 10.000,00 €

*Sonstige Container Mover

Type: Full-container handler
Com. Nr.: DIV1276
Capacity28000 kg
Lift height4300 mm
Running hours100 h
Price: 65.000,00 €

*Sonstige Schuler SDAH

Type: Heavy-duty Trailers
Com. Nr.: DIV1267
Capacity40000 kg
Price: 3.900,00 €

*Sonstige SH - P12-PRK2.0-H

Type: Paper roll clamp
Com. Nr.: DIV1318
Capacity2200 kg
Price: 3.400,00 €

*Sonstige HG1T

Type: Brick and block clamps
Com. Nr.: DIV1312
Capacity3500 kg
Price: 9.900,00 €

*Sonstige Dorn

Type: Carrying mandrel
Com. Nr.: DIV847
Capacity4000 kg
Price: 3.500,00 €


Type: Fork carriage
Com. Nr.: DIV828
Capacity5000 kg
Price: 200,00 €

*Sonstige Kopfspreader

Type: Spreader
Com. Nr.: DIV738
Capacity8000 kg
Price: 5.000,00 €

*Sonstige Gabelverlängerung E-L-M GF KL3x2000

Type: Fork Extension
Com. Nr.: DIV1173
Capacity8000 kg
Price: 500,00 €

*Sonstige Zinkenversteller/ Seitenschieber/ fork positioner

Type: Fork positioners
Com. Nr.: DIV1282
Capacity9000 kg
Price: 8.400,00 €

*Sonstige 16000 kg Coil Dorn

Type: Carrying mandrel
Com. Nr.: DIV1299
Capacity16000 kg
Price: 5.500,00 €

*Sonstige Krüger KR20

Type: Jib crane
Com. Nr.: DIV1235
Capacity20000 kg
Price: 10.000,00 €

*Sonstige 21000 kg Coil Dorn

Type: Carrying mandrel
Com. Nr.: DIV1310
Capacity21000 kg
Price: 5.500,00 €

*Sonstige Coilhandling Reachstacker

Type: Carrying mandrel
Com. Nr.: DIV1171
Capacity25000 kg
Price: 15.000,00 €

*Sonstige 40.000kg Spreader

Type: 40‘ Top-Spreader
Com. Nr.: DK108
Capacity40000 kg
Price: 22.000,00 €