Meclift ML5012R

ML5012R provides an opportunity for multiple savings. Through its exceptional agility and functionality enabled by its compact size and hydraucally movable driver´s cab, it splits the time needed in material handling into a half compared to a situation, in which different machines are used for each work phase.

The ML5012R´s reaching feature eases material handling on many occsions since you don´t have to drive the machine right beside the load in order to lift it. The lifting capacity at a full reach of 2,250 mm is 25 tons, but with the Bogie Roller attachment it can be raised up to 50 tons.

ML5012R is the heaviest model in the range of Meclift Variable Reach Trucks. It has a lifting capacity of 50 tons at a load center of 1,200 mm. In fact, ML5012R is the world´s smallest machine in its lifting capacity range. Its horisontal boom structure and compact size enable it to handle heavy loads in confined spaces like inside of cargo vessels, without limiting its maximum lifting height.


Standard colors Orange (RAL2004) and Blue (RAL5002)
Lifting properties
Lifting capacity 50,000 kg
Load center 1,200 mm
Lifting height 6,550 mm
Reach 2,250 mm
Lifting speed 0.2 m/s
Length (without attachments) 7,725 mm
Width 3,800 mm
Wheelbase 5,180 mm
Ground clearance 330 mm
Weight (without attachments) 59,000 kg
Turning radius 7,030 mm
Standard forks WxHxL 300x135x2,400mm
Technical specifications
Power source Diesel engine
Manufacturer Cummins
Model QSX 375
Power Rating ISO 2534 280@1800kW@rpm
Peak torque 1825@1400 Nm@rpm
Transmission 3 speed automatic
Manufacturer Dana Spicer
Model TE32
Service brake Hydraliuc wet disc
Parking brake Spring powered disc
Front 4x18.00-25
Rear 2x18.00-25
-Vertically movable cabin
-Air conditioning and heating


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