Meclift ML1812R

Meclift™ ML1812R is a unique multipurpose machine.

It is the only machine in the lifting capacity range of 18 tons, which can be operated inside containers. It moves swiftly in confined spaces, such as warehouses and cargo vessels. In addition to heavy cargo lifting, ML1812R is perfect for practically any other material handling needs. Different kinds of Meclift attachments increase opportunities for using one machine for multiple purposes. It lifts 20-feet containers from fork pockets and stacks them up to 3-high. A hydraulically movable cabin ensures excellent visibility even when handling bulky objects. ML1812R is an environmentally friendly solution.

Less work machinery on your yard means less fuel consumed. It also means more open space and better visibility, resulting in improved safety and less damage to your cargo. ML1812R is easy to transport in a 20-feet container or on a swap body vehicle. It is designed to operate reliably in demanding conditions. Supported by worldwide-known components and easily accessible spare parts, ML1812R is a secure choice.

“We use two Meclift ML1812R machines for loading and unloading steel coils into and out of containers in our port. These machines are very unique in design. Thanks to their low height and good reaching ability we are able to use them in other jobs as well. Sometimes we wonder how some of these jobs could be done without the Meclift trucks.”


Manufacturer Oy Meclift Ltd, Finland
Type ML1812R
Standard colors Orange (RAL2004) and Blue (RAL5002)
Lifting properties
Lifting capacity 18,000 kg
Load center 1,200 mm
Reach 2,500 mm
Lifting speed 0.3 m/s
Length (without attachments) 5,470 mm
Width 2,160 mm
Height (min) 2,265 mm
Wheelbase 3,950 mm
Ground clearance 150 mm
Weight (without attachments) 20,000 kg
Turning radius 5,250 mm
Standard forks W x H x L 200x100x1,800 or 200x100x2,400 mm
Technical specifications
Power source Diesel engine
Manufacturer Cummins
Model QSB6,7 Stage III/Tier 3 or Stage IV/Tier 4
Power rating ISO 2534 153@1900 kW@rpm
Peak torque 930@1500Nm@rpm
Transmission 3 speed automatic
Manufacturer ZF
Model Powershift ZF WG171
Driving speed 28 km/h
Drive axle  
Manufacturer Kessler
Model D81
Service brake Hydraulic wet disc
Parking brake Spring powered disc
Front 4x12.00-20
Rear 2x12.00-20
- Lifting attachments, i.e. Coil Ram, Coil Clamps, Lifting Beams and Double Forks.
- Other options available on request
Videos: Meclift by the work Hinrichs New In Longtraverse loading in the container Container driving in Steel plate Loading Coil Loading Shovel Loading Stone Loading Loading in container Longloading Truck unloading


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